What can the BRCK be powered from?

Your BRCK was designed to be charged from most available power sources. By law, we have certified the device to use the charger included with the device. However if you get stuck the BRCK will charge from your:

  • PC/Mac, 
  • a 12V Car/Truck battery, 
  • a solar panel (as long as it can provide more than 100mA @ 5V, and has an open circuit voltage of less than 18V).

Remember, your BRCK can use up to 1A @ 5V (5W) of power to run the 3G modem and Wi-Fi. If you use a charger that has less capacity than this, the BRCK will not charge completely. Your BRCK will also charge faster with a more powerful source. As a note, we know that not all USB cables are the same. If you are having trouble with your BRCK not charging quickly, try a new cable.