Power management on the cloud

As you may know your BRCK has an 8000mah battery inside it. We do not limit you with regards to how you may use this device. On top of this we also allow you to see your battery statics. This is valuable information as you may wish to analyse the usage statistics off your device.  This guide will show you how to get this statistics on the cloud. 


To follow this guide step by step you will need: 

  • A BRCK 
  • A smartphone or computer 
  • An account on BRCK cloud


Power information can give you very accurate usage statistics with regards to what is best for you and how to order your connectivity source preferences. In this guide we shall show you how to access your power management information. 

  1. Point your browser to the cloud management dashboard login page: my.brck.com The image below shows the page you expect to see. 

  2. Proceed to login with your credentials which will proceed to load your profile. The image below shows the page you expect to see.
  3. Click on the device which you wish to get power information from. This will load the device summary information window 
  4. The area you are interested in is labelled "Power" as shown below. This has your device's battery status and battery usage over the past 24 hours 

Congratulations! You have successfully checked your battery status in four simple steps.