Internet Usage Statistics on the BRCK Cloud

As you may know your BRCK gives you uninterrupted internet connectivity. We do not limit you with regards to how you may use this device. On top of this we also allow you to see your usage statistics online. This is valuable information as you may wish to analyse the usage statistics of your device.  This guide will show you how to get these statistics from the cloud. 

To access this information, you will need an account on BRCK Cloud.


Internet usage statistics allow you to see the source of internet for your BRCK and how much you have downloaded and uploaded. In this guide we shall show you how to access this information.

The cloud dashboard gives you statistics about your BRCK's charge status and internet connectivity. It also enables you to set your connectivity preferences. In this guide we shall show you how to access your Internet usage and management information. 

  1. Go The image below shows the page you should expect to see. 

  2. Once you log in, you should see the page to login with your credentials which will proceed to load your profile. The image below shows the page you expect to see.
  3. Click on the device which you wish to get power information from. This will load the device summary information window.
  4. The area you are interested in is located on the right side of the screen as shown below. 

    This is the upload and download section. The key expounds on what the colours are. Hovering the mouse over one of the bars allows you to see in more detail how much was downloaded or uploaded as shown below.