How do I check my GSM network connectivity status

This guide will take you through the steps you need to take in order to check the network status of device. This is basically the signal strength your device is able to reach. 


To follow this guide you will require:

  • A BRCK with a sim card in it
  • A computer/smartphone 


As you know the BRCK provides connectivity to users without them having to worry about their source of internet. Just as a reminder your device can provide connectivity through:

  • Wi-fi bridging 
  • Ethernet 
  • Sim card 

For more information on this kindly have a look at our getting started guide. 

In this guide we shall take show you how to get the network connectivity information via the local dashboard. 

Getting started 

Kindly follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Ensure your BRCK has a sim card in it 
  2. Turn your BRCK on and let is search for the best mode to connect through. 
  3. Once your BRCK has achieved a stable connection, proceed to connect through it as shown in the getting started guide. 

To load the local dashboard:

  1. Kindly proceed to point your browser to the following URL:
  2. if your brck is providing internet connectivity via 3G it will immediately load the signal metre. The image below shows a sample screenshot of what you should expect to see.