How do I access my Offline Dashboard

This guide will take you through the steps required to access your local dashboard. This will introduce the various section in the local dashboard expounding on the information displayed there. 


To go through this guide, you will need:

  • A BRCK 
  • A computer/smartphone 


As you already know, your BRCK gives you internet connectivity from a finite number of sources. In addition to being able to manage the connectivity of your device remotely via the cloud, it also offers a way to connect and manage it locally via the local dashboard. This offers various ways to manage internet connectivity to your device. 

Getting started 

To get started kindly ensure that your BRCK is turned on. 

  1. Proceed to search for the wireless network that the device is broadcasting 
  2. Connect to the network using your network utility. In my case the wifi network is labelled: BRCK_10FEEEDC32C06. I select it to connect to it and get a confirmation with the tick sign besides the network name. 
  3. Point your browser to the following address: This will proceed to load a screen similar to the one below. Congratulation! You have accessed your local dashboard.