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Before you turn on your BRCK, connect the charger that is supplied to a power source and turn it on. Connect the BRCK. It will flash a bright white once. Remove the power cable and reconnect it. The BRCK will pulse on its inner light. This shows that your BRCK is working properly! Press the power button to turn it on. The outer light will start spinning. This shows the BRCK is looking for a connection.

Can you view and connect to your BRCK's WiFi?

Once you connect, can you access or on your browser (the BRCK Local Dashboard)? If not, what errors are you seeing? Are they on this article?

On the local dashboard, can you connect the BRCK to the internet via an Ethernet cable, a WiFi bridge or a SIM connection? The available connections will be indicated as orange on the respective tabs to show they are available. If a connection is not available, it will be greyed out.

Once the BRCK establishes a connection - for Ethernet, the outer light glows purple, for WiFi the outer light glows green, for 3G the outer light glows blue. Have a look at this article, located on the actual BRCK, for a guide to the BRCK's lights.


When the BRCK establishes a connection, trying to open a web page will redirect you to the registration page, where there are two options on the page: one to sign up (to create a new BRCK Cloud account) and one to log in (to add a BRCK to an existing cloud account.) The page looks like this:

If you are having trouble with registration or you encounter any errors accessing the local dashboard, please get in touch with us at [email protected].