3G connection on the BRCK takes too long

The BRCK gives you the freedom to connect to the internet using an Ethernet cable, through an existing WiFi network or using a 3G SIM card. For remote and places far from urban areas, Ethernet connections via a satellite modem or a 3G-enabled SIM card are the most common.

One of the things you might have noticed is that sometimes the 3G connection on the BRCK takes too long to establish. Although this is not a common occurrence, it is frustrating, especially when you would like to get some work done.

Reason 1: Your SIM has a PIN that you have not put in

When you put in your SIM into the BRCK and turn it on, it may continually search for a connection because the SIM is locked. Just like your phone, the BRCK will not be able to communicate with the network when the SIM is locked.

To fix this, connect your computer, smart phone or tablet to the BRCK's WiFi and go to local.brck.com on your browser. This allows you to access the BRCK local dashboard. Click on Configure on the SIM option and you will be presented with a field for putting in the PIN. Put it in, click on Save, and after a few moments, voilĂ ! You should be connected to the network! The screen shots below illustrate this:

For more information, take a look at the article on the local dashboard here: http://support.brck.com/article/32-brck-local-dashboard

Reason 2: You do not have credit/ internet bundles/ a data plan

Mobile internet service providers require you to have some sort of service plan in order to access the internet from using their network. Depending on the provider, you may need to buy bundles or subscribe to a flat-rate monthly service. You can find out this information from your service provider's website or by visiting one of their shops.

Reason 3: Your SIM card/ number is not registered

To prevent mobile fraud, service providers require you to register the SIM card in when you buy it. This is usually done at the shop when you buy the SIM by one of the customer representatives. Registering the number allows the provider to track and blacklist the numbers being used for untoward activity on on their network.

Reason 4: The BRCK is having a bad day

Sometimes, the BRCK may give you the impression that it has a personality, and, just like your phone or even your computer, there are days it just will not connect to the network! Since you cannot talk to it or give it a massage, please switch it off, then insert the SIM card. Give it about two minutes and then switch the BRCK back ON. We have seen a couple of cases where inserting the SIM without rebooting the BRCK might cause the BRCK not to detect it. This will be fixed in a software update which is currently in testing.