SupaBRCK Quickstart Guide

SupaBRCK Quick Start Guide

This guide is intended for those who have a SupaBRCK and would like to get their device registered and online.

1. Power your SupaBRCK. Unscrew the back-panel cover to access the ports then connect the power jack to your SupaBRCK’s power port and the other end to a power outlet.

2. Connect your Antennas. Your SupaBRCK comes with four antennas: 2 WiFi antennas (Female) and 2 3G/4G antennas (Male). Simply screw the WiFi female antenna into the extreme left and extreme right ports on your SupaBRCK and the 3G/4G pinned male antenna into the middle ports of your SupaBRCK. Make sure they are properly screwed on.

3. Add a connection. Insert a data enabled SIM card till it clicks into place or an ethernet cable into the slot/port.

4. On the side of your SupaBRCK, press the power button for two seconds to turn on your device.

5. Connect to “SupaBRCK < Name >” WiFi Signal. On your computer, smartphone, or tablet, search for the SupaBRCK WiFi signal and connect to it.

6. Get online. Go to on your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft edge). Log in with the username (admin) and password (admin). Change your password. After logging in, click the “Connectivity” side menu and choose your connectivity option (SIM or Ethernet depending on which one is active). If you’re having trouble, visit this article.

7. Register your device. Note: Your SupaBRCK needs to be online to register your device to the cloud. Once you get a connection, a “Go to Cloud” button will appear. Click it to be directed to a page where you can register your device. Sign up if this is your first BRCK device.Navigate to the “Settings” page to configure your device. Now your other devices can connect to your SupaBRCK. Note: To return to this page later, go to