The Local Dashboard Explained

The Local Dashboard explained

After unboxing your new BRCK and turning it on, the Local Dashboard is your first point of interaction with your BRCK. From here, you can register your BRCK and configure your internet connections. This section also covers how to register your device on the BRCK Cloud.

1. On your computer, smartphone, or tablet, connect to the “SupaBRCK < Name >” WiFi signal. Note: When the device is on, it will take about one minute to establish SIM connection.

2. Go to

3. Login with the credentials, username: admin password admin. Change your password.   

4. After login, click “Connectivity” in the side menu. Select your connectivity option (Either SIM or Ethernet, depending on whichever is active). Note: Click “Connect” to add APN settings.

5. Once you get a connection, a “Go to Cloud” button will appear. Click this to register your device. Note: This button will only appear if your SupaBRCK is online.

6. Click “Sign up” and create a new account or “Log in” if you have an existing account. This account is different than the admin account you created earlier.

7. Navigate to the “Settings” page to configure your device. Now your other devices can connect to your SupaBRCK. Note: To return to this page later, go to