The Cloud Dashboard Explained

The Cloud dashboard explained

The BRCK Cloud allows you to manage your device(s) from wherever they are as long as you have an internet connection. The cloud allows you to:

  • Remotely connect to your device.
  • View the status of your devices, including battery, connection status, and number of devices connected to each BRCK/SupaBRCK.
  • Manage the connectivity preferences of your device.
  • Upload Arduino sketches to your device.

We will be taking you through the various sections on the cloud dashboard. These are:

  • Network management
  • Battery management
  • Device management

Note: You should register your BRCK device to the local dashboard before accessing the cloud. If you have not yet done this, visit registering my BRCK.If you have already done this, visit: and login using your BRCK Cloud account.

You will be presented with a screen similar to the one in the image below:

Please fill in your BRCK Cloud credentials and select login. You will be presented with the following screen. This is a list of all the devices under your account.

You can then proceed to click on any device you wish to have more information on. This will load a screenshot similar to the one below:

This section presents an overview of the information about the device. This includes :

  • Power : A chart that shows an overview of how your device is dispensing charge over a period of time.
  • Internet : A list of the internet sources that you have available to your device.
  • Connectivity : The number of devices connected to the BRCK.

On the Preferences tab, you can change your BRCK's name, WiFi name and password. Here, you can also configure how the BRCK connects to the internet and set the connection preferences. The following images show this:

To change the connection preferences, just click on an option, say Ethernet, and drag it to the desired position.

You can also:

  • switch Ethernet to out when you are getting your internet from a 3G SIM and connect it via a cable to your computer,
  • switch off the WiFi bridge and/ or the 3G.

Deregistering a BRCK

The BRCK cloud also allows you to de-register a BRCK - this means the BRCK is removed from your user profile and takes on its default settings. To do this, the BRCK has to be online.

Go to Settings on the left pane and scroll down to the bottom and click on Deregister. You will be asked for a confirmation. Select yes and your BRCK will be de-registered and then reboot your device.