Powering your BRCK

We designed BRCK to be an island of reliability in a sea of power uncertainty. While it may look like a regular piece of portable consumer electronics, BRCK is capable of being powered by most electrical sources you can think of. (Yes, Lighting wont work, we know).

BRCK's battery will last over 8 hours on a full charge if you're using the cellular modem, and a couple of days if you just are just using the wifi for local networking. When plugged into an AC outlet through it's AC power supply BRCK takes about 6 hours to fully charge. BRCK's AC power supply that can be powered by AC current ranging from 100-240v, between 50Hz and 60Hz. You can also charge your BRCK through any USB outlet.
However, if you have a BRCK, there's a good chance you're taking it into situations where you'll need to think beyond the grid. BRCK will charge off anything between 4-18V DC. DC means Direct Current. Common sources of Direct Current are Batteries, Solar Cells, Alternators, and Thermocouples. 18V is a lot, the only batteries you're likely to run into are more than 18V are Marine and Commercial Truck batteries.
So feel free to plug the BRCK straight into a standard car or motorcycle battery, BRCK will be quite happy with all that power. If you're in a pinch, you can even wire up a grip of AAA, AA, C, or D cell batteries (more on this in our power salvage tutorial). 4-18v is also a great range for a lot of Solar Panels. For a quick into into solar panels and how to use them effectively go here.