Common Issues

Common Problems

Issue Workaround
My SIM card is taking a long time to connect The sim card will take around 1 minute to connect. Please be patient.
I am unable to switch between SIM cards For now, you can only use one SIM card at a time.
I entered the wrong APN settings.  How do I change them? On the local dashboard,,  click on connect. It will prompt you to put in your PIN and provision to update the APN settings
When I plug in the SIM card on the extreme left of the SupaBRCK, the Local Dashboard shows that I have the SIM card plugged in Sim Slot 2 The SIM slots are unconventionally named. From left to right - SIM 2, SIM 1, SIM 3
The battery charge level may not display on the local dashboard All dashboard status update every 30 seconds
Dashboard status takes 5 mins to update We’re updating it to pull on demand.